Choosing a Doctor for Workers’ Compensation

You have the right to choose your own doctor or specialist for medical treatment. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Don’t sign anything the minute you get hurt. You could be signing away your right to a doctor.

At Andrew C. Burrell, Attorneys at Law, we have the experience and the familiarity with almost every Mississippi Gulf Coast doctor to help you or a loved one in comfortably choosing a doctor for workers’ compensation. The attorneys at our Gulfport office provide compassionate, personable service to guide you through the process and protect your rights while working for the compensation you deserve.

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Biloxi and Gulfport Injured Workers’ Rights Lawyer

Obtaining Proper Medical Treatment

Do not wait to seek proper medical treatment if you believe you have suffered a job-related injury or illness. Diagnosing a problem sooner as opposed to later helps your recovery and helps us pursue workers’ compensation benefits in your best interests.

Once you choose a doctor for medical care, you are stuck with that doctor. In some cases, we can work to get that changed, but that is difficult, so it is important to let us help you choose wisely.

Every time your treating doctor recommends treatment, the insurance company has a right to have you be seen by a doctor of its choice, but that does not change who your treating doctor is.

Independent Medical Exam (IME)

If your claim enters litigation, Andrew C. Burrell, Attorneys at Law, is fully prepared to handle your case. The insurance company may request an IME to review your injuries, your medical records and any resulting emotional stress or mental issues. It is important to fully comply during an IME, which will be conducted by a doctor chosen by the insurance company.

Andrew C. Burrell, Attorneys at Law, can help you fully prepare for an IME because we approach every case in full preparation that it may go to litigation.

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