Gulfport Lost Wages Claim Lawyers

Victims of on-the-job injuries and resulting conditions deserve financial compensation. However, taking the wrong steps or untimely steps could result in a lost wages claim being rejected.

At Andrew C. Burrell, Attorneys at Law, we have the legal experience and the case experience to counsel you and represent your claim efficiently and accurately in the Mississippi Gulf Coast area. It is important to contact us quickly to understand your options and to make sure you remain eligible for compensation.

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Experienced Gulfport Lost Wages Claim Attorneys

Lost wages may be claimed after missing five consecutive days of work because of a work-related injury. If you were injured on the job, you must be sure to receive a doctor’s order stating that you are unable to work because of your injury or condition. If you simply decide not to show up to work on your own, you could be fired. Our experienced lawyers can quickly help you seek the workers’ compensation for lost wages that you deserve.

Gulf Coast and Biloxi Temporary Disability Benefits Attorneys

Temporary disability benefits are typically equal to two-thirds of your average weekly wage, subject to the compensation maximum for the year of your injury. This might not sound like much, but these benefits are not taxed.

Our attorneys check the amount of benefits on every client. Your wages should be based on the average of your 52 weeks of earnings prior to getting hurt on the job, including overtime, bonuses, per diem pay, vehicle allowance, gas allowance and any other income supplements. Sometimes insurers will try to calculate your compensation just on your base salary.

Seek Proper Medical Treatment From a Trusted Doctor

You do not have to be treated by the doctor that your employer or its insurance company refers you to. Our firm can put you in touch with any doctor on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast and in surrounding counties, allowing you to feel comfortable with personal, attentive service from a doctor of your choice.

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