Gulfport Social Security Disability Lawyers

Nearly 30 Years of Combined Experience with SSD Appeals

When a debilitating injury, illness or permanent condition prevents you from working at your full potential, you may be entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. If you have been denied SSD claims, our experienced and compassionate Mississippi Gulf Coast lawyers can help you appeal for the benefits you deserve in a timely manner.

SSDI claims can be denied on the first application for many reasons, but that does not mean you have done anything wrong or that you are not entitled to the benefits. At Andrew C. Burrell, Attorneys at Law, our legal experience shows claims are often denied not because the Social Security Administration (SSA) denies your physical or mental impairment, but because you were not able to legally prove that you are completely disabled. Our Gulfport-based attorneys help our clients gather the strong necessary proof with experienced medical specialists and professional legal representation.

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Gulfport and Biloxi Social Security Disability Benefits Attorneys

You have made a significant contribution to the federal SSD fund by working and paying taxes for 10 or more years. You are entitled to receive SSD benefits if a physical or mental condition prevents you from continuing to earn a living for 12 or more months. Unfortunately, the application process is complex, and many people find their claims wrongfully rejected.

Taking the Legal Burden Off Your Shoulders

We help disabled people throughout the Harrison County area obtain SSD benefits and peace of mind. Our skilled lawyers effectively navigate complex and time-sensitive legal cases, pursuing the benefits you deserve and desperately need.

In Mississippi, workers’ comp eligibility lasts up to 450 weeks. Lifetime workers’ comp benefits are not available, so we can help you seek Social Security Disability (SSD) once the maximum is reached.

We provide clients with compassionate legal representation and assist you in properly completing and filing all necessary paperwork to obtain Social Security Disability benefits or prepare an appeal of a wrongfully rejected claim.

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